We value freedom of speech and all members are expected to behave in a friendly manner with everyone else, whatever the differences in origins, personal values, identity, and much more. When we say everyone else, we mean people on the same instance and people on other instances, anywhere in the Fediverse. We do not tolerate hate speech or harassment.

The friendly admin could become less friendly in case of abuse, such as attacks on the integrity of the server (exploits), posting of malware, copyright infringements or anything that could lead us in trouble.

We have a policy against offenders on other instances: accounts that produce too many toots repeatedly (some boots, or spammers, or occasionally people who can be supporting a great cause but are flooding the network with the same kind of stuff over and over) are silenced on our federated timeline; but the people on our instance can still freely follow those accounts or interact with them if they want.

Your data is safe, we do not track you, we do not use this data in any way. Our server is located in Germany. Backup data is stored on separate machines in Belgium and France.

We have good backup procedures; in case of a crash we can restore full history of your messages and contacts; only the last 8 hours before the crash cannot be guaranteed. But, as always, be aware that this is not your machine, you are dependant on a third party (us): please use the great tools Mastodon provides for you, to keep a backup of your personal data.


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