@wikidata Yes, probably soon. This mastodon instance runs on a brand new server since last Sunday and we will be reconfiguring the older servers for other services, including , while keeping critical services running at all times. This is why it will be done very carefully. Sorry if it takes longer that I would have dreamed of.

@yf @wikidata In fact there were 3 servers to be reinstalled those days. #1 (most powerful) is done, #2 can have a fresh install and take over existing services within a week, leaving #3 free to install new services, including PeerTube.
So far we cannot announce when this will be ready: unexpected problems might come up before we can work on it.

@wikidata Needless to say, if it cannot wait you can always create an account on any other instance. This is the beauty of a federated system. I am currently dealing with the server reinstalls: #2 is fully operational now.

@wikidata I am keeping you informed about this: all 3 servers are fully operational now and we have just opened a PeerTube instance today. It works, despite we still have one minor problem with SMTP relay (the instance runs on a separate domain name). Some more testing and our users will get invitations to join.

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