Some people around me are worried about WeTransfer or Dropbox becoming the main platforms for large file sharing.

I would be happy to lecture them about Firefox Send or Framadrop.

But the people I am trying to help use locked corporate devices running Internet Explorer. It doesn’t work for them.

Are there other ethical alternatives that could be advised?

@tux I'd also recommend checking out which is a (relatively) easy to use P2P file transfers using WebRTC.

@polychrome Yes, I like that one, thanks!

Of course, it has an abvious drawback, i.e. the sending party must keep her browser open, otherwise it is lost. It solves part of the problem.

@polychrome is very cool, supposing I want to send something to my (non-technical) friends.
But sadly nothing they can use by themselves.

@tux I don't see why? You can just drag and drop a file on the page and it uploads.

When it's done, you get a link. :blobthinking:

@polychrome Apologies, you are right. This is very smart, indeed.

@tux I often just use my own FTP server. Support for that has been built into Windows Explorer for decades. Tell them paste this URL into Windows Explorer and copy/paste files into the window that appears.

@adam I get your point, indeed, thanks for pointing this out.

I want to teach users with very low technical skills to send large files to each other. I can see the convenience of having a FTP server, but I am afraid it would probably have other drawbacks. (e.g. A uploads a private file for B and later a private file for C → B and C can download each other’s file.)

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