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Is anyone doing a #federated #OpenSource alternative to Meetup.com?

It's useful for local events, but very expensive for organisers ($15 a month for a basic events page). People pay purely because others use it, an open alternative would be 👍

Meetup's "network effect" might be overcome because it isn't a global network (e.g. someone in London is only going to care about meetups in London).

Also, an open alternative would be perfect fit for #federation, each community having its own instance.

Tux in Brussels @tux

@switchingsocial The only one I heard about is WanaWana (github.com/Psycojoker/wanawana). It looks like pre-alpha at this time, but the French advocacy group Framasoft announced plans to fund an alternative to MeetUp this year and this is one of the software they were considering for their future "framameet" service.

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Yeah, I saw that in the degoogleify list, but it looks a bit abandoned? 😟