Swazilan was the last African country that had kept its name from the colonial period.

The country is named Eswatini since 2018.

70% of Earth’s surface is water, 30% is land or ice.

Several studies have shown a correlation between the music aired in a shop and sales.

Classical music → People buy more expensive stuff.

Slower music → People slow down and buy more.

Loud music → People fasten up but do not buy less. (Great for the shop.)

A year is technically 365.24219 ephemeris days.

The complicated system we have with leap years every 4 years, except for multiples of 100 unless they are multiples of 400, is akin to average increments of 365.2425 days.

This requires very infrequent adjustments to the Gregorian calendar.

, a country with 600,000 inhabitants, has a total GDP over 70 billion $.

It is more than a country like Burma, despite it has a population over 55 million.

Our planet is the only one within the Solar system to have plate tectonics.

There are only 2 countries in Latin America with a capital having the same name as the country itself.

> Guatemala
> Mexico


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