I wish every contributor knew this:

"note" is for other contributors
(e.g. The name looks weird but it really is the true name of this POI; or This is a temporary bus stop)

"description" is for people using the map
(e.g. "This shop sells wedding decor, accessories and clothing")

Apparently, iD now correctly explains the difference. 👍

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And "fixme" is aimed at explaining possible mistakes or mentioning you haven’t finished drawing something.

displays "note" and "fixme" in a prominent way, making it easy to spot locations to improve.

OsmAnd~ correctly shows "description" and ignores "notes" (unless you are editing the map).

This is why incorrectly writing descriptions into the "note" tag is such an annoyance.

@bxl_forever I imagine I have messed this up in the past, the explanation in iD will be a good reminder for me.

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