Help needed: how do you ensure that route relations in OSM are still valid?

My problem: I edit bus routes and they are fine. Later, someone splits a way and does not assign the new way to the route relation. The relation itself is untouched but now it has a gap.

Current option: home-made script that downloads relations and checks whether all the ways are still connected. Alternative: manually checking OSM Inspector every few days. Slow and painful.

Any idea anyone?

@bxl_forever If a way as member of a relation is splitted, now both parts should be members of the relation by defaulf. Thats what I would expect by an actual editor. Isn‘t it this way?

@karlos Thanks for replying. You are right: in JOSM this is the default behaviour.

But in the last few days I have been fixing gaps in several route relations with no version increment. Hence my question whether someone knows of a good way to catch those changes.

@karlos @bxl_forever yes basically every editing software should have that support. If someone is editing OSM with their own software which doesn't do that, it would be good to track that down and try to talk some sense into the programmer

@rory @karlos This was done by an experienced mapper with JOSM. I have his explanation now: the ways were downloaded with Overpass (after querying cycle routes). That explains why one can split ways without updating some relations that use them.

@bxl_forever @karlos I often do that to fix up things. But I always turn on "Continuous Download" so that JOSM dl's data when I jump to the next one with the todo list. Maybe that approach could help this mapper?

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