Dealing with data, hoping to bring some consistency and high-value data.
I live in a multilingual area, where street names must be written in different languages.
Another example of careless editing: fixing the main tag but forgetting the other languages just creates a mess.

Out of curiosity, are there streets in Brussels where the #fr, #nl names are different in meaning?

@61 Yes, there are a few funny cases. A famous square in the city centre is named "Place du Jeu de Balle" in French (ball game) and "Vosseplein" in Dutch (foxes).

@61 The worst situation about street naming in this city is that each local municipality can name streets how they want. Sometimes, a street is called "Steenweg op Gent" in one, and "Gentsesteenweg" in the other and the street is the boundary between them: houses facing each other have a different address! We have become used to master exotic tags such as name:left:nl and name:right:nl. 🙄


Brilliant! 😁

I find that's great though: it keeps system architects on their toes regarding making assumptions about trying to reduce the real world to a set of regular patterns. 😋

Any idea what happens in those places where the #BE, #NL border zig-zags between houses? Do street names change every few metres too?

@61 I was curious about this and checked, but apparently they have been smart enough to use the same names in both countries, despite the border is often the street itself.

The hilarious map with the nested enclaves is also a must-see.

Hopefully the house numbering (if they have such a system) is also correlative, or at least unique. 😋

@bxl_forever I wonder if anyone has made a QA tool that highlights this sort of change (only one name tag of a multi lingual object changed)... 🤔

@rory Before posting this, I wrote to a fellow mapper who had written a script aimed at catching this. In a nutshell, it compares OSM data with the official street directory (
The example here is outside Brussels, where he ran it: some Flemish municipalities have official French translations for their street names and I feel we should extend his work here as well.

@bxl_forever just read through your posts and absolutely love the work you're doing on OSM.

Keep up the great work!

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