Always a good idea to leave our comfort zone.

The other day I attached a camera to my bicycle and made a 10-minutes video of a neighbourhood I know well. Then I watched it at home with JOSM ready.

It gives a new perspective and I could add things I usually overlook when surveying on foot: street lamps, advertising screens, some trees…

Dealing with data, hoping to bring some consistency and high-value data.
I live in a multilingual area, where street names must be written in different languages.
Another example of careless editing: fixing the main tag but forgetting the other languages just creates a mess.

Just to clarify this.

My screen name "bxl-forever" is solely used in connection with my volunteer work in OpenStreetMap.

People have showed me some funny search engine results, most of them using the words "BXL" and "Forever" on pages where people are sending prayers after the Brussels attacks of 2016. This has nothing to do with me.

Roadworks in and a funny sign. Some motorists are confused with the designer’s choice and local media believe they have a "story" here.

Yes, only putting arrows would have been better.
But a geographically accurate street layout based on OSM data is much better!

to come across some -bashing directly in OSM tags. And it was there for more than 10 years!

Micromapping here: I’ve just found out that someone has been mapping tiny roads inside a playground for small children.
(way 95236635). 😆

Maybe I should try to improve the design and add some more details here…

Waow, somebody abused the name tag! A local mapper apparently gave names to many ordinary objects in addition to tagging them. It’s time to clean up a bit.

I am currently mapping a subway station in JOSM and I suddenly realize it looks a lot like a spaceship.

I like this changeset: a street named after Louis Braille and I’ve just found out its pedestrian crossings are properly equipped with tactile paving for blind people.

Today I found out that a leading car-rental company writes opening hours of its agencies in a format that makes it super easy for .
"Mo-Th 0730-2200, Fr 0730-2100, Sa 0800-1400, Su 1600-2100"
Only had the ":" separators to add myself.
I wish more companies would adopt OSM notation for most data.

I was mapping today and by chance I looked at my edit count: a beautiful round figure.
It’s even more beautiful when it comes unexpectedly.

A good habit: keeping screenshots of OSM before and after rearranging an area.
It helps seeing how everyone could improve the map. In this case, a part of one road has been closed and replaced by trees and benches.

This one has always puzzled me: is only to locate a device by communicating with satellites.
When people speak like on this sign, they are confused about all other stuff: , routing algorithms, and much more.

My favorite "Sisyphean" task in is to walk in the city centre and update the shops. With today’s survey I found that no less than 12 shops or restaurants were gone in only one street, though I survey this one several times a year.

Here is a a funny mistake I made a few years ago: I had created an "unsigned int" column in an SQL table to store a list of OSM nodes.
It worked fine until June 2016… when new nodes had numbers greater than 4,294,967,295 (2^32-1).
This type is still good for ways and relations, but for nodes, you should use "unsigned bigint".

Finally upgraded to StreetComplete 8.1 which was released today on F-Droid, and fixed the "wrong country" bug (e.g. my edits in Brussels were sometimes tagged with country rules from the Netherlands). The new version uploaded all the stuff from the last days at once. Good!

A new line is not only drawing a way with the tracks: more than 12 intersections have been entirely redesigned after 3 years of roadworks, some roads are gone, some trees are gone too. And much more.
It’s a great pride to contribute to the only and only online map that provides up-to-date information.

New route 8 starting operations in on Saturday.
There has been a major redesign of a long boulevard: more secure intersections, new cycle paths, trees, and of course the tram. I hope the hours spent surveying the area and drawing everything in will be useful.

Whenever I browse the website of a restaurant, a museum, or any business, I rush to the "Contact" section. This always provides useful stuff to put into : phone number, email, opening hours...

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