No matter how many notes you solve, there will always be more notes and you will never feel restful. 😀

And the green ones are only those who have been solved in the last 7 days!

Sadly, the ÖPNV layer is refreshed a little less often and still shows the former structure of the lines.

You cannot win every time…

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It has been always been a dilemma about when to upload changes to public transport routes in OSM.

Too early? People will be upset because existing lines or stops appear to be gone whereas they aren’t.

Too late? Equally unpleasant, especially when the media talk about those changes. People will dislike OSM if we wouldn’t show the right data from day 1.

Updating data between 24 and 48 hours in advance was the perfect timing to get the Transport Layer work as expected. 🤩

praises users for various achievements, after reaching a given number of uploads.

The funny part is that those messages rarely pop up for big round numbers (100, 250, 500).

Citizen: 280 quests; Outdoors: 660 quests; Cyclist: 780 quests; On the Road: 2530 quests…

The one I got today is a big round number: 512 == 2^9. 😀 under heavy load.
I like the error message in JOSM. 😮

This bug is driving me crazy. A huge time-waster for those like me who always enjoy writing useful changeset comments.
I am considering recompiling JOSM with the patch.

The upload dialog in has been changed with version 17833, to make a better use of available space.

After years of writing changeset comments at the bottom of the window, it is really puzzling. I guess we’ll get used to it anyway. 😎

Bus route 74 will start operations in in a few hours. OSM data is already up-to-date.

This is an interesting moment, when the Transport Layer is being refreshed. On a few zoom levels, the route is half there and half not.

Ever heard of "Google Maps" road in OSM? This is apparently somewhere in India. I guess it does not really exist.

Living in a bilingual city is fun.

Even more intriguing: in a few streets city authorities preserved the former street signs. This is probably very confusing for foreign visitors.

(In case you wonder: we use name and old_name for OSM here. 😀)

Last week, a Minister spoke about her intention to change the speed regime of a street someday in the future.

Guess what armchair mappers did…

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People mapping from newspaper articles, again.

Top story in Brussels this week: a major road tunnel will get a name change. The administrative procedure will take several months but people were already erasing OSM data, believing the name changed overnight. 🙄

Maybe will be down when thousands of mappers try to upload at the same time.

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👼 Our great map has more than a hundred millions edits, it is definitely the most advanced in the world.

😈 I want to be the user who gets changeset #100000000

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We are getting increasingly closer to the 100,000,000th changeset in OSM. 🤞

A question for specialists.

Is there a way to see how big the bbox will be before uploading changes?

Today I was working on two different parts of town and I forgot to upload a changeset before starting to work on another. As a consequence it created a large changeset spanning over half of the city.

I am looking for a way to help me avoid doing the same mistake, e.g. by seeing what part of the map I am changing.

One more benefit: it shows streets with setts (bad stones, those are frequent in my city) in a different colour.

I also use this layer for Q/A, because it’s the easiest way to catch some mistakes in cycle tagging, for instance if a lane only exists on one side of the road but was tagged as cycleway=lane.

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There is a 6th layer on now: CyclOSM. 👍

It provides several benefits over the existing Cycle Map layer. Among others, you can easily see roads with cycle lanes. And tiles appear to be regenerated more frequently too.

We use a new tag "source:maxspeed=BE-BRU:urban".

This is because the default urban speed limit in Brussels is not the same as in the rest of Belgium.

This tag has 14,471 occurrences in taginfo, making it the 21st most popular worldwide. 😮

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