Maybe will be down when thousands of mappers try to upload at the same time.

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👼 Our great map has more than a hundred millions edits, it is definitely the most advanced in the world.

😈 I want to be the user who gets changeset #100000000

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We are getting increasingly closer to the 100,000,000th changeset in OSM. 🤞

A question for specialists.

Is there a way to see how big the bbox will be before uploading changes?

Today I was working on two different parts of town and I forgot to upload a changeset before starting to work on another. As a consequence it created a large changeset spanning over half of the city.

I am looking for a way to help me avoid doing the same mistake, e.g. by seeing what part of the map I am changing.

One more benefit: it shows streets with setts (bad stones, those are frequent in my city) in a different colour.

I also use this layer for Q/A, because it’s the easiest way to catch some mistakes in cycle tagging, for instance if a lane only exists on one side of the road but was tagged as cycleway=lane.

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There is a 6th layer on now: CyclOSM. 👍

It provides several benefits over the existing Cycle Map layer. Among others, you can easily see roads with cycle lanes. And tiles appear to be regenerated more frequently too.

We use a new tag "source:maxspeed=BE-BRU:urban".

This is because the default urban speed limit in Brussels is not the same as in the rest of Belgium.

This tag has 14,471 occurrences in taginfo, making it the 21st most popular worldwide. 😮

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Big reform of maxspeeds in Brussels as from today.

Only a limited list of boulevards will keep a 50-kph regime (possible more, such as motorways or very large boulevards leaving the city). 30-kph becomes the default speed everywhere else.

I spent several weeks surveying those boulevards, checking for the new signs and updating OSM accordingly. Our data is entirely up-to-date.

It’s December 16. Between now and Christmas, will show a fairy animation on the home screen.

You can disable it: go to the advanced preferences menu:

Two proposals for small parking spaces have just been approved.

1) parking=street_side
or 2) parking=lane

Those can be really useful in dense urban areas, and that will improve rendering. Check the wiki for more examples.

On this picture, the problems caused by the previous scheme: the P-signs were too prominent.

In OSM-carto, the icon for a POI with shop=musical_instrument is a trumpet.

Here is a funny example. 🙄

Does anyone know how to write a proper rule in uBlock Origin to get rid of the iD welcome screen?

Changeset #90000000 will probably be reached today or tomorrow.

Perhaps the server will be under heavy load if thousands of mappers try to be the one with the round number.

The French Geography Institute (IGN) uses that point to calibrate their maps. They claim to have 450,000 such points across the whole country.

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There is a small antenna on top of the Eiffel Tower in .

With an Eiffel Tower-shaped icon. 😄

Most disturbing is to find out that 1.5 year ago I had already reverted an edit from the same changeset, elsewhere in the city. Something like "name=park" on a POI.

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v22.1 is out but has a nasty bug.

The main dev wrote this: "Unfortunately, the F-Droid build bot just scanned the repos yesterday, so v22.1 will shortly be on F-Droid and then it will take again up to ~three days for v22.2 to appear."

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Mistakes that stay for several years in is a common issue.

It’s always interesting to find such a mistake contaminating other websites that rely on OSM data.

Someone apparently made up a name for an area, and that name is used on real estate websites. 😄

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