In OSM-carto, the icon for a POI with shop=musical_instrument is a trumpet.

Here is a funny example. 🙄

Does anyone know how to write a proper rule in uBlock Origin to get rid of the iD welcome screen?

Changeset #90000000 will probably be reached today or tomorrow.

Perhaps the server will be under heavy load if thousands of mappers try to be the one with the round number.

The French Geography Institute (IGN) uses that point to calibrate their maps. They claim to have 450,000 such points across the whole country.

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There is a small antenna on top of the Eiffel Tower in .

With an Eiffel Tower-shaped icon. 😄

Most disturbing is to find out that 1.5 year ago I had already reverted an edit from the same changeset, elsewhere in the city. Something like "name=park" on a POI.

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v22.1 is out but has a nasty bug.

The main dev wrote this: "Unfortunately, the F-Droid build bot just scanned the repos yesterday, so v22.1 will shortly be on F-Droid and then it will take again up to ~three days for v22.2 to appear."

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Mistakes that stay for several years in is a common issue.

It’s always interesting to find such a mistake contaminating other websites that rely on OSM data.

Someone apparently made up a name for an area, and that name is used on real estate websites. 😄

There's a new cycling-focused for #OpenStreetMap - #Cyclofix.

Check out how #MetroManila, or your neighborhood looks like:

Is your favorite bike shop already on the map? Is it missing some information? Adding data and POIs are a lot easier now, if you're new to OSM.

The best thing of course is that data is open and free, and is used by many third-party apps that rely on #OpenStreetMap

22.0 was released. Sadly, it keeps crashing.

I will downgrade it until 22.1 gets available in F-Droid. (22.1 fixes those crashes but was only released a few hours ago.)

People will always find ways to defeat the system.

Supposing we find a way to detect a changeset description has already been used in the past, the same people who use "ok" or "edits" for everything will start typing random garbage or cryptic number sequences until it gets accepted. 🙁

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And "fixme" is aimed at explaining possible mistakes or mentioning you haven’t finished drawing something.

displays "note" and "fixme" in a prominent way, making it easy to spot locations to improve.

OsmAnd~ correctly shows "description" and ignores "notes" (unless you are editing the map).

This is why incorrectly writing descriptions into the "note" tag is such an annoyance.

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I wish every contributor knew this:

"note" is for other contributors
(e.g. The name looks weird but it really is the true name of this POI; or This is a temporary bus stop)

"description" is for people using the map
(e.g. "This shop sells wedding decor, accessories and clothing")

Apparently, iD now correctly explains the difference. 👍

Didn’t do it on purpose but it was funny to see that on my last changeset yesterday night.

changeset id="88827318"
closed_at="2020-08-01T23:59:59Z" 😄

has a new feature encouraging people to write a decent changeset name.

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This is one of the worst collections of changeset comments I’ve seen so far: this person makes (bad) edits and names all of them "ok". 🙄

Remember: useful changeset comments make life much easier for other people in the community.

It’s impressive how fast those zones are growing these days.

A nice tool would be a mobile app that can use the GPS location to warn the user upon entering such an area.

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city council has released a list of streets where wearing a face mask is compulsory at all times.

I am adding them in with safety:mask:covid19=yes

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