While mapping in I needed to have a look at 2009 aerial imagery. (I was looking at some elements that are covered by a roof and back then that roof hadn’t been built)

Not related to this, I realized that 10 years ago buses in Brussels were painted in flashy yellow and blue. Whereas nowadays they have a dull gray colour.

Large gaps in this structure are parks, pedestrian areas and existing living streets. Those do not change, of course.

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city centre becomes a huge "living street" area (20-kph) effective tomorrow.

This is aimed at slowing down traffic and allowing pedestrians to use the whole public space, making physical distancing easier.

It will last 3 months, possibly a little more. I updated everything in , and added "description:covid19" tags to explain its temporary nature and keep the former highway type. That will make it easier to revert after the summer.

Exploring my city in OSM and finding new gems every day. Today, flying pedestrian crossings.

Those mistakes have been there for more than 8 years.

I’m done! 😃✌️
18 routes, 40 route relations, 660 platforms, and 697 stop position nodes. Everything is correct and validates properly.

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Those days I am reviewing the whole tram network in .

Mapping the network was one of the first tasks I did in OSM, about 4 years ago. But I was still learning, and did not realize some tags were wrong. 😔 Now it’s time to clean it up, ensure every platform gets the right tags, get rid of old stuff and also check the location of every stop against aerial imagery.

It’s a big network: 18 lines and 622 stops. I am about half-way done. 🤞

Over the past years I have been patiently measuring platforms of each of the 69 subway stations in Brussels to draw them in OSM.

Some of them are really beautiful structures on multiple floors.

Earlier this week, a new mapper decided he should "simplify" all this. He erased most of my work or created a real mess with iD, joining nodes from different floors, redrawing some platforms and more. And iD also has very creative "fixes". 🙄

I am busy reverting this. Wish me luck.

Well, it works fine again. 👍

I suppose they had a problem the other day when regenerating their overlay.

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These days, it feels strange indicating "source: survey" on a changeset in OSM.

But I really surveyed some places *before* going into lockdown. Just dealing with my notes right now. 😃

This new "opening_hours:covid19" key seems to be quite popular, in only a few days.

Only in France, obviously.

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Does anyone know what is going on with openptmap.org these days?

I am a big fan of their public transport overlay. The site is up but the overlay is almost empty. Usually, they refresh it every 2–3 days but it’s been more than a week with this problem.. Didn’t find a way to get in touch with them.

Some French people set up a website to show whether amenities and shops remain open during the lockdown, in most cases with revised opening hours.

They also have suggested adding an "opening_hours:covid19" key to make it easy to derive information from OSM. With the added benefit that people won’t erase existing opening hours.


I still haven’t found proper tags in OSM for those words on the road…

There is a nice initiative going on in our local community.

1) Fill "name:etymology:wikidata" within for all streets named after a person.

2) Match this data with Wikipedia’s data, especially whether that famous person is male or female.

3) Show the % of streets named after male or female characters.

OSM is great at reflecting sophisticated opening hours grids.

Here is a park with varying hours along the year.

opening_hours=Jan 1-Mar 31 09:00-17:00; Apr 1-May 31,Sep 1-Sep 30 09:00-18:00; Jun 1-Jun 30 09:00-19:00; Jul 1-Aug 31 09:00-21:00; Oct 1-Dec 31 10:00-17:00; Jan 1 off; Dec 25 off

Every now and then, we find this: a new user in OSM abusing the "name" tag. (User created patches of grass and a cycle track and described what they are… in the name tag.)

This is probably because iD has a prominent box for the name tag for almost everything.

I routinely make Overpass queries to spot mistakes like this in my area. Seems I will have to add more queries (e.g. a patch of grass AND a name → warning).

Simple hack for here to an everyday problem.

I was trying to reorder bus route relations. It’s a long road with a complicated layout. JOSM will show you the same name multiple times, it’s an error-prone situation.

My solution: renaming the ways by adding a prefix. Then, ordering the routes becomes quite simple.
Do not forget to restore the names before uploading the changeset.

I am sharing this story, in case it might be useful for someone.

London Underground logo in Brussels?
No, merely the Transport Layer with a roundabout (tram tracks across a roundabout, bus route in the roundabout).

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