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@lucia The reason you could reach me on Mattermost is because it runs on a separate server in another country.

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Our instance—more precisely our whole domain—could not be reached from many places, among others from Belgium, between 11:00 and 16:00 today.

This has nothing to do with us, this is because the data center suffered a major problem with its backbone infrastructure; BGP session flapping causing most connections towards multimob to fall into a blackhole and time out.

Most of the problem seems to be fixed.

2.2.0 has been released this morning.
Our instance has been upgraded. Everything works fine.

Our service provider had to deal with a defective hardware component—the secondary server was down and has been rebooted.

This Mastodon instance is on another host and was not affected.

Federation issues with some servers (including have been solved.

Failed exploit against our Mastodon server. SQL injection attempt, obviously.

@tux They seem to be interested in you. 😉

php occ db:convert-filecache-bigint
Following columns will be updated:
* mounts.storage_id
* mounts.root_id
* mounts.mount_id
This can take up to hours, depending on the number of files in your instance!

→ Bon, ça a pris 1 à 2 minutes, notre serveur Nexctloud est une bête de course, et depuis qu’on a migré il y a quand même moins de fichiers qu’avant.

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Communication de service : le service va être interrompu quelques minutes ce matin.
Petite opération de maintenance (*), a priori ça devrait durer moins de 5 minutes mais on coupe temporairement les connexions et l’accès au serveur.

(*) Le type de données de certaines colonnes doit être modifié. C’est une opération au niveau de la DB elle-même. On coupe l’accès pour éviter de corrompre la base si quelqu’un chipote à ses fichiers pendant ce temps.

We had a short system outage, about 3 minutes. The server is running fine now.

Moderation action: has been officially banned.

Reason: several hundreds of fake accounts seeking interactions with our users. This had become a major nuisance.

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