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The server runs version 2.7.2 now.

Downtime was exactly 2 seconds.
This was a minor update, we could compile easily and simply restart the processes at the end, this time.

The server runs version 2.7.1 now.

Downtime was 18 minutes and 57 seconds. Sorry about the inconvenience: compiling seems awfully slow with recent upgrades.

Notice to all local users: if you use the web interface, the Tutorial screen will pop up.

Don’t worry, it’s because of the recent upgrade. It will appear only on your first login.

The server runs version 2.7.0 now.

Downtime was particularly long this time (25 minutes), because of the "assets:precompile" step.

Chacun•e est libre de son expression, mais je déconseille néanmoins de signaler sur un réseau public – et donc y compris sur Mastodon – quand on participe à un événement du style manif ou revendication politique.

Pour un État, les « terroristes », « fichés S » ou autres « personnes à surveiller » incluent aussi des gens normaux qui revendiquent, manifestent ou se solidarisent avec une cause sociétale.

C’est juste un risque à comprendre, après chacun•e fait ce qu’il•elle veut.

Apologies for any server outages this afternoon, we migrated some internal services and the HTTP server was affected.
Incidently, Mastodon has been upgraded to v2.6.2. This is only a minor upgrade.

Even on the Mastodon server I get tons of bots looking for WordPress exploits and testing thousands of (non-existing) pages every day.

The server runs version 2.6.1 now. Downtime was approximately 10 minutes this time; this is more than usual because of version conflict in dependencies. Everything is fine now.

The server runs version 2.5.1 now. Downtime was only 3 minutes and 55 seconds.

The server runs version 2.5.0 now. Downtime was only 4 minutes and 41 seconds.

The server runs version 2.4.5 now. Downtime was only 6 minutes and 14 seconds.

Some statistics about the length of toots on our instance. Two thirds of all local posts are higher than 140 chars and we have some very long posts too.

Welcome to « Chat parano » on our instance. This user posts in French.

The server runs version 2.4.3 now. Downtime was only 6 minutes and 8 seconds. This is a huge improvement, thanks to better procedures, some experience and a faster machine than before.

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