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The server runs version 2.4.3 now. Downtime was only 6 minutes and 8 seconds. This is a huge improvement, thanks to better procedures, some experience and a faster machine than before.

Message to all users: sorry about the downtime this afternoon, we migrated all services to a more powerful server. Everything works fine now.

I am helping another sysadmin to mitigate bot attacks on her web server. For one interesting case, her fail2ban reacted in hardly 0.59s to ban an IP… which had still managed to send over different 300 queries (testing all possible variants for phpmyadmin, wordpress, mysql and other directories).

Our instance is connected to 132 other instances, after less than 2 weeks since we became a public instance!

Running our own instance of is still planned. But upgrading the secondary server is not an option for the moment: a real nightmare with dependencies and an unexpected bug with OpenSSH occurred during tests. I’ll see what I can do.

Message to all local users: sorry about the downtime today, it took longer than I had announced.
This was the first update on a "live" system and I preferred to choose the safe route and ensure there was 0% risk to corrupt the database and lose all your messages or profiles.
Future updates should be faster.

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